Weather Maker Smoke Bomb Tests
17 Feb 2012
Documentation of our preliminary smoke bomb tests at Phoenix Square this week.
Candidate Cloud No. 002
09 Feb 2012
This candidate was observed over Sneinton Market in Nottingham. A low lying blanket of thick cloud that would produce a sustained and and steady rain...
Candidate Cloud No. 001
08 Feb 2012
In Preparation for our upcoming residency at Phoenix Square starting next week (Tuesday the 14th of Feb 2012) IBI have been cataloguing clouds we...
Exhaustion & Exuberance
16 Sep 2011
At the beginning of September the Institute were invited to take part in a one day event at Eastside Projects in Birmingham as part of their Extra...
L.O.S.T. Stone
07 Jun 2011
The ‘stone’ project is an idea that grew from various discussions, around the Urban Organism and its immune system. We explored the idea of Social...
Prosthetic Memory & The Propogation of Ideas
24 May 2011
We could provide you with technical updates on where we are at with trying make software & hardware work and behave in the ways we want it to,...
Hal vs. Machines of Loving Grace
23 May 2011
I've just been listening to Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service on iplayer and he was talking to Adam Curtis about his new series which starts later on...
What is the Urban-Immune System?
06 May 2011
To begin developing some ideas about what we might produce as part of our research project I thought it would be useful to expand upon the concept of...
Sticky Data
13 Apr 2011
An ambient haptic device that enables the wearer to feel fluctuations in 'geo-spatial' data and for those outside the data economy to become data-...