20 Dec 2010
During Sideshow2010, the fringe festival to the British Art Show the Institute for Boundary Interactions was commissioned to develop a series of...
Morse Radio
28 Nov 2010
This is part of a prototype system for communicating over radio using Morse code. An iPhone connected to a short range FM transmitter broadcasts...
Bus Number Stations
28 Nov 2010
This project was initiated by our Collaborator Jon Ardern. Number stations broadcast pre-recorded audio of a voice reading a sequence of numbers,...
Tape Loop
28 Nov 2010
This project was initiated by our collaborators Ollie Palmer, David Di Duca and Kimberly Walker. Tape Loop consists of a series of tape recorders...
Ecology Intelligence
01 Dec 2010
Who or what has Mind? How do ants make decisions? Does a robot have feelings? Is there wisdom in swarms? Drawing on the expertise of invited...
tapeLOOP: A Frequency Speculation Weekend with LAB
20 Nov 2010
A guest post by Kimberly Walker A trio of us - Ollie,Dave and me - travelled from London to Nottingham to spend a cold November weekend thinking,...
Voice Exchange
14 Nov 2010
Led by artist Rob Flint, with collaborator Christine Sullivan this workshop addresses the human voice as a flexible instrument of power and...
Frequency Speculation Summit
28 Oct 2010
Exploring possible alternative future uses of the radio spectrum with Ollie Palmer, Kimberly Walker, David Di Duca and Jon Arden. Over a weekend we...