LAB space plans by Drew Thomson

During Sideshow2010, the fringe festival to the British Art Show the Institute for Boundary Interactions was commissioned to develop a series of open public laboratories for cross-discipline collaborative research. LAB took place in the Surface Project Space for four weeks, transforming the top floor space into a temporary cultural laboratory. Each week worked to a specific theme or research question for which we invited several artists, scientists and specialists with relevant backgrounds as well as members of the public, to work in the Laboratory in unpicking the confluence of ideas and themes.

Each week we made an attempt to find a resolution for a research problem that addresses the collective interests of those taking part in an attempt to find a common ground. These interdisciplinary collaborations each culminated in a culture clash, an open public event in which we presented the results of that week’s project.

The themes of each week were:

  • Frequency Speculation Summit
  • Ecology Intelligence
  • Voice Exchange
  • Human Interfaces
  • (follow the links for further details on each weeks project)

    A living archive of objects, diagrams, texts and ideas accumumated in the LAB and online, mapping the complexities of collaborative and collective processes. The project aims were to explore the ecology of ideas and the intersection between disciplines of knowledge.