Voice Exchange

Voice Exchange

Led by artist Rob Flint, with collaborator Christine Sullivan this workshop addresses the human voice as a flexible instrument of power and persuasion. Using the help of voice specialist Christella Antoni, you will explore the manipulation of your own voice in an attempt to exchange voices with other workshop attendees.

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Where is your voice ‘from’?

Modern media are ‘syn-aesthesic’, which is to say that they allow the dislocation of sounds and images from one another, and from their source. We carry small metal containers into which we speak, and to whose tinny voices we listen as we walk, gazing at an unconnected world. Voices speak to us across continents from bodies that are invisible, though sometimes intimate, and sometimes distant.

Yet still the voice retains its power. Laws, Acts of Parliament, wedding vows, all these and other institutional forms must be spoken before they are given weight in law. The vox populi, the viva voce, the voice of the teacher, of the analyst, and of the witness, are persuasive forces of cultural, medical, and legal authority.

The voice is an extension of the body’s power, but it is also a marker of its limits. Accent, timbre, depth are indicators of class, status, gender, and cultural origin. And yet the voice is mutable: accents can be lost or learned, acquired, mimicked, and adapted for social mobility.

Participants will be expected to explore the manipulation of their own voice, guided by expert voice specialist Christella Antoni, in a series of experimental ‘voice exchange’ sessions.

The workshop proceedings will be recorded to video. Participants will agree within reasonable limits to the future use of this recorded material by the artist, and by LAB workshop.


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