Upcoming Commission - Dukes Wood

Upcoming Commission - Dukes Wood
The workers of the Eakring Oilfield.

We're pleased to announce our participation in the Dukes Wood project curated by Ordinary Culture (Aaron Juneau and Sam West). More details to follow.

Dukes Wood, located 2 miles south of the idyllic Nottinghamshire village of Eakring, is a site of distinct historical and environmental significance. This rural woodland is located on the site of the United Kingdom’s first onshore oil-field. It is now a picturesque nature reserve, supporting and protecting an eco-system that includes native wildlife such as birds, trees, wild flowers and the very rare Vetch Nissola wild grass. Dukes Wood, once a ‘top secret’ military operation, is now a site of reconciliation; the wood expresses cooperation between two practices that might be considered ideological opposites - oil production and conservation.

Now lying dormant, Dukes Wood is largely undisturbed by man. Once an active oilfield during the years of World War Two, this tranquil area of English countryside was a melee of frantic and purposeful production. The habitat that Dukes Wood provides now, at that time played host to an entirely un-native species, the famed ‘Oil Patch Warriors‘ or, as a local musician later named them, the ‘Roughnecks of Sherwood Forest‘. These men, imported from Oklahoma, U.S.A, to impart their skills and expertise, were responsible for an intervention little known yet highly significant to the British war effort.


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