Thoresby Thursdays: IBI and Marie Toseland

Thoresby Thursdays: IBI and Marie Toseland

We recently took part in the Thoresby Thursday's shows alongside Marie Toseland. These shows are organised for and by the artists within One Thoresby Street, our studio building, to showcase their work.

We [IBI] developed a new piece, designed to illustrate the movement of air around an area of the exhibition space. A large helium balloon was attached to a stainless steel container holding a quantity of red sand.As the balloon was blown around by a series of fans, red sand leaked from the bottom of the container to draw the balloons movement on the ground.
As the balloon travelled further, and more sand leaked from the container the weight holding the balloon became lighter. Eventually, the balloon was able to take off and drift freely around the space.

There are more photos of the show, including Marie's work here, and a nice write up from Left Lion here.


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