New project: SkyWriter

New project: SkyWriter

We are excited to announce that we have recently been commissioned by The Cutting Room to create an interactive artwork for their digital arts programme, The Way Forward, that will run from 23rd May - 8th July.

We are currently working hard to develop this project, so there'll be more news as it shapes up. For now, here's the press release:

Skywriter is a location specific interactive artwork which transliterates SMS text messages into smoke, writing them into the atmosphere above Nottingham Playhouse.

The messages sent to Skywriter will never be published, online or elsewhere, so they will only exist momentarily. As these abstracted messages drift away they will degrade and morph into increasingly ambiguous shapes creating new symbols and meanings, before eventually disappearing entirely.

The work responds to the current nature of digital communication which has become increasingly performed. With the knowledge that even the most fleeting message will linger as an eternal and defining portion of our online identity we may take pains over every word, knowing these fragments of our cognitive processes will be forensically analysed by autonomous algorithms and artificial intelligences as they extrapolate and redefine our public personas.

Skywriter offers a way to externalise questions or thoughts that people may not be prepared to ask openly and asks how we might develop relationships with mass communication devices that are ambiguous in their relation of text and that reconnect us to our immediate and physical surroundings and the visual language codified into our environment.


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