Frequency Speculation Summit

Frequency Speculation Summit

Exploring possible alternative future uses of the radio spectrum with Ollie Palmer, Kimberly Walker, David Di Duca and Jon Arden. Over a weekend we made basic FM transmitters and devices to collectively prototype projects that explore the original wireless network.

The traditional broadcast spectrum is being rejected in favour of digital broadcasting technologies, leaving space open within the radio frequencies for new ways of using this virtual public airspace.

Telecomms companies are buying up bandwidth in the spectrum as if it were real estate with no planned use. Working with Ollie Palmer of Open_Sailing; Jon Arden of Ark-Inc. and Superflux;Architect Kimberly Walker and David Di Duca part of Unit 14 we aim to develop new possible uses for the spectrum and create tools and devices to populate, explore and utilise the original wireless network.


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