The Institute for Boundary Interactions [IBI] is an interdisciplinary research collective that uses science, technology, art and design to explore the complex connections between people, places and things.
Material Culture Research: Nano-Cellulose
31 Aug 2013

Commission by Ordinary Culture as part of a curatorial project responding to Dukes Wood, a wildlife conservation area and site of special scientific interest, IBI have begun to research material culture - the influence of developments in advanced materials on social, cultural, and economic development. Dukes Wood was the site of the first on shore oil field in the UK, established in the 40's, playing a significant...

01 Jun 2012

Skywriter invites you to publicly but anonymously externalise any unanswered questions, secret messages or private thoughts by translating text messages into bursts of smoke, and writing them into the sky above Nottingham Playhouse.

Digital communication is becoming increasingly performed; we take pains over every word in the knowledge that even the most fleeting message will linger as an eternal and defining portion of our online identity. At the same...

Weather Maker
01 Mar 2012

For one week in February we were in residence at Phoenix Square, Leicester, undertaking a series of experiments in an attempt to transform the local weather. Using the latest techniques, we have created clouds, released rain and experimented with climactic effects using hacked and home-built weather machines.

Through these initial experiments we aimed to create a coordinated DIY meteorological modification community...

Urban Immune System Research
13 Apr 2011

A key force in current innovation is the movement towards the ‘smart-city’ through a combination of people, mobile devices, and communication infrastructure, which allows for the geo-spatial location of data.

In Andrew Hessel’s terms, we are an “Internet of living things”, or as Archigram put it, “People are walking architecture” . In this way we construct the data city organism.

Since the proliferation of the Walkman circa 1979 we have rejected...

20 Dec 2010

During Sideshow2010, the fringe festival to the British Art Show the Institute for Boundary Interactions was commissioned to develop a series of open public laboratories for cross-discipline collaborative research. LAB took place in the Surface Project Space for four weeks, transforming the top...

Upcoming Commission - Dukes Wood
09 Dec 2012
We're pleased to announce our participation in the Dukes Wood project curated by Ordinary Culture (Aaron Juneau and Sam West). More details to follow. Dukes Wood, located 2 miles south of the idyllic Nottinghamshire village of Eakring, is a site of distinct historical and environmental significance. This rural woodland is located on the site of the United Kingdom’s first onshore oil-field. It is now a picturesque nature reserve, supporting and protecting an eco-system that includes native wildlife such as birds, trees, wild flowers and the very rare Vetch Nissola wild grass. Dukes Wood, once a ‘top secret’ military operation, is now a site of reconciliation; the wood expresses cooperation between two practices that might be considered ideological opposites - oil production and conservation. Now lying dormant, Dukes Wood is largely undisturbed by man. Once an active oilfield during the years of World War Two, this tranquil area of English countryside was a melee of frantic and...
Skywriter is On-Line
23 May 2012
A project we have been working on, commissioned by The Cutting Room is active for the duration of The Way Forward exhibition - 24th May - 8th July. Come to Cast Bar / Nottingham Playhouse for an after work pint in the sunshine and send a message to Skywriter. Skywriter will translate a message every 20 minutes between these times: Monday – Friday: 6pm – 8pm Saturday – Sunday: 1pm – 2.30pm & 6pm – 8pm Private view: Thursday 24th May, 6-9pm
Thoresby Thursdays: IBI and Marie Toseland
01 May 2012
We recently took part in the Thoresby Thursday's shows alongside Marie Toseland. These shows are organised for and by the artists within One Thoresby Street, our studio building, to showcase their work. We [IBI] developed a new piece, designed to illustrate the movement of air around an area of the exhibition space. A large helium balloon was attached to a stainless steel container holding a quantity of red sand.As the balloon was blown around by a series of fans, red sand leaked from the bottom of the container to draw the balloons movement on the ground. As the balloon travelled further, and more sand leaked from the container the weight holding the balloon became lighter. Eventually, the balloon was able to take off and drift freely around the space. There are more photos of the show, including Marie's work here, and a nice write up from Left Lion here.
World Event Young Artists
01 May 2012
The Town Crier has been accepted in to the World Event Young Artists show in September 2012. We are really excited to be part of this ambitious event, in the company of so many great artists. For the event we'll be developing and performing our Town Crier device that came out of our Urban Immune System Research project. Expect more updates closer to the event!
New project: SkyWriter
01 May 2012
We are excited to announce that we have recently been commissioned by The Cutting Room to create an interactive artwork for their digital arts programme, The Way Forward, that will run from 23rd May - 8th July. We are currently working hard to develop this project, so there'll be more news as it shapes up. For now, here's the press release: Skywriter is a location specific interactive artwork which transliterates SMS text messages into smoke, writing them into the atmosphere above Nottingham Playhouse. The messages sent to Skywriter will never be published, online or elsewhere, so they will only exist momentarily. As these abstracted messages drift away they will degrade and morph into increasingly ambiguous shapes creating new symbols and meanings, before eventually disappearing entirely. The work responds to the current nature of digital communication which has become increasingly performed. With the knowledge that even the most fleeting message will linger as an eternal and...